Now offering training on new Dynojet Dynamometer hardware Dynoware RT & Powercore featuring Winpep 8

Daniels Performance now offers training using the new Dynojet Dynamometer hardware “Dynoware RT” and software suite “Powercore” featuring “Winpep 8”.

Starting in the fall of 2015 all Super Tuner classes at HDU will exclusively use the new hardware/software.

As always we have been working closely with Dynojet on developing training and procedures using the new hardware and software.

The improved capability of the new hardware and differences in the way runs are done between 7 and 8 have allowed us to create a more efficient way of doing runs for calibrating/tuning Super Tuner and other flash tuners.

The methods we will be using are more consistent across the board making learning how to work with the year to year, model to model differences in Harleys easier to learn.

The new Dynoware RT allows sampling of both cylinders (up to 8) using the same equipment. Unlike what we did with Winpep-7. This allows the lag on the readings to be the same for both (all) cylinders making VE editing much simpler.

We will be posting a tutorial and tips for using the new hardware/software on our member site soon.
Look for our list of recommended upgrades for RT/Powercore coming soon.


Schedule your training today at:
Harley Davidson University.

Thanks for your time,
Mike Daniels


FYI: Dynojet will stop officially supporting Winpep-7 in June of 2017 Winpep

Some of the components used in the manufacture of the old dynoware-EX are no longer manufactured. Dynojet states that “Dyno-EX will be supported as long as Dynojet still has the parts.”





2 thoughts on “Now offering training on new Dynojet Dynamometer hardware Dynoware RT & Powercore featuring Winpep 8

  1. I have a 2006 flsti Softail
    I have purchased a screaming eagle pro tuner
    the only things I have added are cobra long mufflers (2 into 1)
    and big sucker air cleaner
    I want this bike to run cooler
    can you help me with a map
    or timing help ,I have changed the AFR to 13.2-1
    and lower the idle to 848

    • Unfortunately, I have my hands full with our member site, Training, and Torque Wars. I’m very sorry but I do not have time to research a map recommendation for everyone. I wish I did.
      The purpose of this blog and our member site is to help teach you to research your own starting calibrations/map. Keep in mind that as Screamin Eagle does not build cals/maps for aftermarket (non-stock or Screamin Eagle) exhaust systems. Unless you are running the stock exhaust with slip-ons and the base cal/map for your set up is for stock exhaust with slip-ons it will need dialed in on a dyno by a skilled dyno tuner to be the best for your bike.
      Sorry I don’t have more time

      This information is for discussion purposes of motorcycles being used in close course competition only. It maybe against federal and local laws to modify your motorcycle in this way for use on a public road or highway

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