Super Tuner: The Sky Isn’t Falling

Super Tuner: The Sky Isn’t Falling
By Russ Fullen

 The Sky Isn’t Falling

The announcement of an agreement between the EPA and Harley-Davidson® to discontinue sales of the Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner® represents the end of an era for sure. But the sky isn’t falling.

The Motor Company will continue offering performance upgrades going forward. The difference being the new “performance kits” will be in compliance with EPA and ARB standards going forward. The days of “Race Use Only” performance products commonly ending up on “Street Bikes” is going to come under much more scrutiny by the Federal Government. Those who do not take heed will be faced with stiff penalties. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to industry insiders. With enforcement actions and fines being levied against manufacturers of exhaust systems and tuning products by the California Air Resources Board for over a decade now, it was just a matter of time until the EPA started enforcing its regulations as well.

So, why do I say the sky isn’t falling?

Because we are an industry of innovators!

Harley-Davidson® is ready to launch brand new performance kits which produce very substantial performance gains and meet both ARB and EPA standards. The aftermarket performance world will have to follow suit. It will be tougher, and quite likely more expensive to get performance kits through the additional compliance testing. But the industry will rise to the occasion. Tuning products will have to be changed and updated to work with a specific set of components in order to meet more stringent regulations.

We have spoken to many Dyno Tuning Centers since the announcement who are fearful this will maim or destroy the dyno tuning business.

We think those fears are just the initial knee-jerk reaction to a major change to the way we do business—and are not backed up by fact.

Using tuning products with more limited parameters will make dyno tuning more relevant, not less. The need for accuracy is heightened, not diminished! You can try to “street tune” all you want for days on end, and you will never be able to recreate the level of accuracy and repeatability offered by dyno tuning by a competent dyno operator. The major advantage of using a dyno such as DynoJet’s 250i series is simply that we can hit every cell your motorcycle is capable of running in and collect accurate, repeatable data in just a few minutes. We can use this data as always to build custom maps which take into account bike to bike variances.

The need for trained dyno technicians and state of the art testing equipment just became more important than ever.

Daniels Performance is already hard at work developing the next level of training and support for your tuning and training needs. We will be ready to launch the next generation of dyno training very quickly! We will continue to offer the most comprehensive dyno and tuning product training in the industry. And we look forward to continuing to help the best dealers in the motorcycle industry reach their goal of providing the best-tuned motorcycles possible—all while meeting the new regulatory requirements. Visit our website for more information on this change or to schedule us to come to your shop.



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