Why should I upgrade to RT/Powercore?

Dynamometer technology has taken a quantum leap with the introduction of RT/PowerCore featuring WinPEP 8 from DynoJet Research.

Many new features have been added which will allow for better more stable data acquisition. The days of having to deal with a 100/400 RPM lag from front to rear cylinder are gone — as both cylinders can be monitored at the same time with no lag. The stack is new. The AFR module is new. The Eddy Brake controller, pickup card and wheel, as well as the atmospheric probe, are all new.

Gone is the one tang pick up wheel. It’s been replaced with a sixteen slot wheel, meaning higher resolution and cleaner data. A Powervision can be used as a DLM (Delphi/Data Link Module), and it works with both J1850 and HD Lan or Can Bus systems, giving you the ability to log up to thirty six different channels and view the data right in the wp8 file. This is a huge advantage when trying to diagnose those difficult to locate anomalies, which we sometimes encounter during the tuning process. A digital fuel pressure gauge can be hooked inline and display real time fuel pressure, right on the main screen during data acquisition.

As a professional dyno tuner and trainer, I can honestly say I’d never go back. For me, the added capabilities have proven to be a game changer. The added functionality has made identifying issues more efficient and the simplified math of not having to deal with two different lag times cuts calibration time down considerably.

Daniels Performance has developed refined procedures in conjunction with DynoJet to help you standardize the data acquisition process making it easier for you to efficiently collect and analyze the data and make better calibrating and tuning decisions.

As the old faithful Dynoware EX and Winpep7 make their way into legacy status, there’s no better time than the present to get ahead of the curve and upgrade to the new system. Harley-Davidson Service Schools just upgraded both their training Dyno’s to the new system and all future training at HDU will be on WinPep8.

For more information visit www.dynojet.com or www.dynotraining.com

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